Thursday, March 12, 2009

Child Carrier Back Pack Sun Cover

Don't Trail Behind when it comes to Sun Protection for your baby!

Sasha's Kiddie Products Inc. announced the arrival of a new custom designed Backpack / Child Carrier Sun Protective Cover for the leading brands of Backpacks / Child Carriers i.e. Kelty and Deuter. Sashas specializes in helping parents protect their children from the harmful Sun UVA/UVB rays, Wind, Dust and Debris and flying insects.

Known as the CC1 and DT1, these sun protective covers are perfect for those avid outdoor parents that enjoy taking their child to the wilderness for a hike or climb, to the park for a stroll or to the beach for a walk. In either case the need for protection from the sun, wind, flying insects, or other outdoor environmental elements is of paramount importance.

Sasha’s sun protective covers provides complete protection, since the cover protects the child from the front, back, bottom and sides.

With a child in their Child Carrier / Backpack, without protection, pesty little bugs can sometimes fly in the face of the child and the child could be bitten. Or, unprotected, the child could be scratched by low hanging branches, and you wouldn’t know it. With Sasha’s Backpack / Child Carrier Sun Protective Cover, you can feel confident that your baby is being protected.

Sasha’s Backpack / Child Carrier Sun Protective Cover is also a great Comfort Net, which allows babies to sleep peacefully behind it, because it keeps the sun from baking down on the child when outdoors for a prolonged time. The Cover also prevents the baby from getting a bad sun burn or injury.

The screen mesh is soft to the touch, while being a tough defense against the sun, Wind and insects. It is made of durable material that can't be easily torn if pulled in either direction.
Sasha's has thought of everything to make this a high quality product at a unusually affordable price. The unique design allows for easy access to the baby, by the use of a zip away side panel, which also conforms to the child carrier.

Sasha’s backpack / child carrier sun protective covers are designed to fit the Kelty line i.e. Pathfinder, Tour, Wanderer, Adventure and Journey -. and the Deuter line i.e Kid Aircomfort, Kid Comfort1, Kid Comfort2, Kid Comfort3. ( Sun Canopies are required to use this product )

Sasha’s Backpack / Child Carrier Sun Protective Covers are important accessories - Just as your canteen, hiking boots or bottled water. So this summer when you are planning to hike a trail, scale a rock, go to an amusement park or just transport your child around, you must contact Sasha’s Kiddie Products, Inc. to purchase this valuable, safety protection product.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Into Action

Protect your Baby from the Sun.

Finally the cold weather is subsiding, the snow is melting, baseball is starting and soon you will be strolling around the park, the beach, and town with your little bundle of joy. So now is the time for parents to start thinking about protecting their babies from the sun, so that their little tikes can enjoy the great outdoors while being protected from the harmful outdoor environmental elements.

Each year, a wide variety of new, innovative and stylish into Action and Protect your Baby from the Sun. strollers are introduced to the baby product marketplace. Some of the manufacturers and models are The Quinny Buzz and Zapp; The Maxi Cozi Foray, The Mutzy Slider and Spider, the Teutonia t-300Series, the MiaModa Facile, Veloce and Atmosferra, and others.

Though stylish and high tech, these strollers all have one thing in common with their predecessors. They all have a canopy. Whether fixed or multi-position, these canopies offer, at best, limited protection from the suns ultraviolet rays, heat and glare. Therefore, what is really needed for parents to protect their babies properly, are products that completely cover the front and sides of the cockpit where the baby resides - thus protecting them from the multi-directional and reflective UVA/UVB Rays.

It is known that these UVA/UVB rays can cause severe sunburns to a baby’s delicate skin, which in turn is linked to the starting of the cancer process. That is why doctors recommend very highly, that parents not only dress their babies in sun protective clothing, but look for and find products that provide the additional sun protection that goes beyond the limited protection that the stroller canopies offer.

Sasha’s Kiddie products is happy to announce that it has added some spanking new sun protective cover products that are tailor made to fit the above mentioned strollers.

Sasha’s Kiddie Products, Inc., has always prided itself in keeping up with the latest trends. For 11 years now, we have offered parents custom designed sun wind and insect covers that fit the most popular brands of Car Seats, Strollers and Jogging Strollers. We are proud to say that our product line has grown to over 40 custom designed sun covers.

For more information, contact Sasha’s Kiddie Products, Inc at 888-640-0917 ( Pacific Time 8am to 5pm ) - Email us at:, or look up our website:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Es Su Trio Mucho Fio...and Wetto??? (Is your Trio COLD AND WET?)

You’re a parent of triplets or have 3 toddlers. You get the weather report for the week. You see that it is going to be rainy and cold over the next few days. You know at some point that you will want to get out of the house with them before you go crazy.

You think that it is possible that other parents may be in the same situation?? You know when you go anywhere i.e. the mall, a play center or supermarket, that you will probably have to park far enough away from the entrance that the kids being wheeled in their triplet stroller will be unprotected and they will probably get wet.

What do you do? You go to your computer, and you search for a solution on the web. You wonder if there is such a product on the market that will cover your triplet stroller and protect your children from the rain and cold weather. First you check your stroller manufacturers website and find, like most manufacturers, that they do not offer accessories. Then you search on "Google" and you find Sasha’s Kiddie Products website and see that Sasha’s offers a triplet rain cover that is easy to use, is "see through," and has holes for ventilation, while still protecting children from the rain, sleet, snow and cold weather.

Before you order you want to know how long shipping takes because you would like to use the rain cover as soon as possible. You are happy to see that you can receive your rain cover in 1-2 days.
You place your order, receive the Triplet Rain Cover, and are so overjoyed when you use it that you give "3 Cheers."
What do you do next - you tell all the members of your moms group that you purchased it from Sasha’s Kiddie Products and that they should look up Sasha’s website to find accessories for their Car Seats, Strollers and Joggers.

Sasha’s Triplet Rain, Wind and Cold Weather Cover is 54 inches long ( widths and heights are standard ) and fits most of the popular triplet strollers.

Check out to find a cover for your needs.

When Planning a Trip to a Theme Park With your Baby - Make sure you have all of your bases "Covered"

The other day we received a call from a Sasha’s customer who couldn’t thank us enough for the wonderful service we provided him. He thanked us for express shipping the product he ordered directly to him at the hotel where he and his family were staying. He said because of our service and wonderful Sun (UVA/UVB ) protective stroller cover, he, his wife and their new baby had a wonderful trouble-free vacation.

The customer was planning for the family vacation, when he looked up the weather reports for Orlando Florida, and found that the temperatures would be very sunny and hot. He knew that he and his wife would be spending 6 - 10 hours a day in the sun at Disney World, enjoying the rides and sites with their little one.

He knew he and his wife needed some kind of sun protection product for their little boy. So they quickly jumped on their computer and searched for a solution. They found the sun protection product they were looking for on Sasha’s website. They immediately called and placed an order by phone for the sun, wind and insect protective cover that fit the stroller they were bringing with them.

To their delight, as they checked into the hotel, the front desk clerk handed them their Sasha’s Sun cover package. That very afternoon they were wheeling their loved one around Disney World with the Sasha’s Sun cover securely fastened to their stroller feeling content because their child was being protected from the sun’s cancer causing (UVA/UVB) rays, heat, glare, wind, dust, debris and flying insects.

Only a few minutes into the park our customer told us that many other visiting parents stopped him and his wife to inquire what it was that thing they had covering their baby stroller. He and his wife informed the others of the Sasha’s Sun Cover and told them what it did and where they bought the product. The others were amazed to see their baby resting so comfortably and content while being protected from the harmful outdoor environmental elements, while their uncovered babies were being bothered by the sun, the heat, the glare insects, the wind and etc.
A few days later, at their hotel, they ran into one of the guests who they had spoken to at the theme park, who express ordered a Sasha’s Sun Cover that same night, and the guest was now sporting it on their baby’s stroller. The guest thanked them very much for helping them find a product to protect their baby.

Just days later, Sasha’s received several referral orders from parents who had been to Disney World the same time as our happy customer. They had bumped into him, his wife and baby, and had gotten the information about our stroller sun covers.

Note: While always remembering to bring sun tan lotion, one thing very much overlooked by parents are the many hours they will be wheeling around their children in the heat of the day whether it be at theme parks, sports venues, museums or by the beach. Suntan lotions are for children over 6 months old, and are not the solution. They are only like a small band aid trying to take care of a big wound. Sasha’s sun protective covers solve the outdoor problems and are a must for parents to bring along with them to protect their babies and small children while on spending a day anywhere outdoors.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Caught in the Rain

Caught in the Rain with Your Baby, Sasha’s Kiddie Products has the answers!!!

On gloomy cold days when you don’t want to be stuck with your children inside the house and you yearn to take them outside - what do you do?

There are a lot of website’s that inform parents of how their children should be dressed in cold weather. But there are very few, if any, that mention what parents need to take with them when taking their baby outdoors during rainy, snowy, windy, cold days or nights for walks in their car seats, strollers or jogging strollers.

The perfect solution are form-fitted Rain and Wind Covers. These offer protection from rain, sleet, wind and snow during the cold days of fall and winter. Sasha’s Kiddie Products, Inc has the widest selection of Car Seat, Stroller and Jogging Stroller rain covers in the United States. The rain and wind covers are made of high quality materials which repel even the nastiest of rain storms keeping the little tyke comfortably dry. These are designed to form a protective barrier over the stroller cockpit. They have more than ample breathing holes for the child’s comfort. They easily fasten and can be taken off in a matter of seconds.

Sasha’s website also features an exclusive line of winter stroller covers available in single, double and tandem sizes that offer extreme cold weather temperature protection. They are designed to cover the entire stroller for full protective barrier against frigid cold winds, snow and winter element. They are thermally insulated, water-repellent. The interior has a built in blanket that will keep children comfortable and warm during the winter months.

Although it can rain all during the year, when the warm weather leaves and the harsh weather of Fall and Winter arrive, bringing with them cold rain, snow, sleet, wind and etc, that is when it is most important to go to a website that specializes in Baby Accessory Products for Car Seats Strollers and jogging Strollers. Sasha’s Kiddie Products website: a vital source of information for parents as far as finding these accessory products.

Sasha’s Kiddie Products, Inc. is a company that provides simple solutions to problems involving the protection of babies and small children from the harmful outdoor environmental elements while they are traveling about outside.

In the warmer sunny seasons of spring and summer, Sasha’s Sun and Wind Cover products help parents solve the problem of protecting their children from the dangers of the sun’s cancer causing UVA/UVB rays, heat, glare, wind and flying insects. Sasha’s offers over 35 different sun covers solutions for almost every car seat/infant carrier, stroller and jogging stroller.

For more information, contact Sasha’s Kiddie Products, Inc at 1-888-640-0917 ( Pacific Time 8am to 5pm ) - Email us at:, or look up our website:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

UV Protection For Kids

3 On Your Side: UV Protection For Kids ReportingJim Donovan PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ―

We've all heard how protecting our skin from the sun's damaging rays is important, especially for children. But a new wave of products aims to ease the worries of parents. 3 On Your Side's Jim Donovan shows you how you can keep your kids safe in the sun.

It's summer, and that means kids will spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether it's at the beach, the pool or in the yard, the sun can do real damage to a child's skin.

Mary Wark is a mother of four and her kids love to swim. And that means lots of sunscreen, especially for her two redheads, who are fair skinned and freckled.

"They need lots of extra protection, a couple times a day, especially after they get out of the pool," Mary said.

Eva Silva worries about sun damage with her kids too.
"We use the highest SPF that they sell and I apply it as often as I can," Eva said.
"We've seen the rate of skin cancer go up dramatically," said Dr. James Treat, a pediatric dermatologist with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Treat says a child's skin is much more delicate than adults because young kids haven't developed their full amount of melanin, the dark pigment in skin. The more fair you are, the easier you'll burn.

So companies are coming out with sun protection products like swim shorts and tops, hats and sunglasses designed to help in the fight against skin damage, including skin cancer.
"If you're out there in sun protective clothing that has an SPF factor associated with it, it really can make a huge difference" Treat said. And these products have a 50-plus protection factor which means they block over 98-percent of the sun's rays.

"I can't wait to take my daughter to the beach in her outfit because I don't think I'll be half as afraid as I am," Eva said excitedly. The sunglasses offer 100-percent UV protection for young eyes and mesh stroller covers are great for shielding the sun. "I think it's great, very cute, fashionable and it protects them, that's the number one thing," Mary said.

It takes about 10 minutes for the sun to do damage to your skin. So the bottom line, if you're going to be outside, cover up, no matter what your age.

SUN FACTS AND SAFETY TIPS : Facts About Sun Exposure* FACT: Unprotected exposure to the sun in the first 15 years of life more than doubles the chances of getting skin cancer as an adult. FACT: Nearly 80-percent of lifetime sun exposure occurs before age 18. FACT: 90-percent of all skin cancers can be attributed to UV ray damage to skin cells. FACT: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the USA today. FACT: UV rays cannot be felt and are present whether or not it is hot outside. FACT: It takes less than 11 minutes for the sun to irreparably damage your skin. FACT: The ear, nose, lip and eye areas are very susceptible to skin cancer. FACT: A sun tan is a sign that the skin is already damaged. A sun tan does not protect the skin from further sun damage. FACT: Sun tans and sun burns increase your risk of skin cancer.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Is any sunlight good for you?

Is Any Sunlight Good For You?

Here are some facts that should shed light on the question:
Sunlight helps the body make its own supply of Vitamin D. Without Vitamin, bones can become deformed or weak. Research suggests that not getting enough vitamin D might also boos the risk for carious cancers, cardiovascular disease and other problems.

Ten to 15 minutes of sunlight on your bare arms, hands or face two to three times a week usually provides enough vitamin D.

Don’t get out in the sun much? Be sure to consume foods rich in vitamin D. These include salmon, canned tuna and fortified milk, juices and cereal.

The right foods and amount of sun can provide Vitamin D needs. If you’re considering taking a supplement, however, talk with your doctor first.

"Vitamin D: Importance in the Prevention of Cancers. Type 1 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Osteoporosis" M. F. Holick American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Vol. 79, No.3, pp. 362-71
Vitamin D. National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are you in the Dark

Are you in the Dark About Sun Protection for your Baby or Child?

Being in a the sun feels good. But sunshine damages their skin, and that damage can trigger skin cancer. Skin cancer is America’s most common cancer. About one million people get skin cancer each year.

It’s true that Caucasians get skin cancer more often than people who are African-American or Hispanic, but everyone is at risk. For African-American and Hispanic people, skin cancer often strikes the feet or hands. So, check for skin and nail changes regularly. At your next visit, you may want to have your doctor examine your feet and hands.

Skin cancer isn’t the only problem. For all skin types, over exposure to the sun increases your risk of illness. It can affect your medicines. It can even dim your vision.

The best protection? Stay inside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. That’s when the sun’s rays are strongest.

But you can’t always stay indoors. And even if it’s cloudy outside, the sun’s rays can reach through the clouds. Sunshine bounces off water, cement, sand and snow. To dodge the sun all year long: parents have many products available.

The most difficult sun protection is for the child under 6 - 8 months old since sunscreen lotions have chemicals that are harmful to their skin so parents need other alternatives. Older children also need the same protection while being transported in their strollers and jogging strollers. The manufacturers usually provide a canopy but it only offers limited protection and there are many open areas in the cockpit of the stroller where sun rays can sneak in and skin damage can result.

Sasha’s Kiddie Products is a specialist in offering sun screen protection that easily fits oover the canopy to provide almost complete protection from the suns rays. They block out 70% of the suns rays while allowing the child to see out and the parent to see in at all times. The protectors also guard the child from wind, flying insects, contact from pets and strangers. There are many models of Sun Protectors for almost all of the major manufacturers of infnat carriers/carseats, strollers and jogging strollers. Click here for infant carriers from Sashas.

Even with these sun covers it is recommended that the child stays in the shade at midday, is dressed in clothing that covers their skin including a hat to shade the face ears and neck.
Child safety during the early years can prevent skin damage in the future. Dilligent parents use the best products available for their children.

Canopy Extensions

Canopy extensions and covers used for Sun Protection Can Confuse Parents!

A canopy extension is a false sense of security. The extender does not prevent indirect sunlight, protection from flying insects, the wind and unauthorized interference by pet or person.
There are some products in the market place that portray sun protection as large hats that go over the existing canopy. Stroller manufacturers have been deficient in this regard since the place so little importance on providing a real protection from the babies. Sometimes a need to be competitive priced usually overshadows the real need for protecting children.
It is a common fact that most every stroller and jogging stroller nowadays includes a conopy that protecats the child from the sun. The fallacy is that there is a need for further protection.

Whether a large addition to the existing canopy really helps is up for discussion.

In the ten years that Sasha's has been in the market parents have found that certain number of customers do recognize the importance of completely encapsulating the child in the canopy with the utmost protection from the sun and its dangerous rays while still allowing the child to see out and the parent to see in.

The Sasha's product line encompasses a complete line of see through UVA/UVB Screen Mesh designed to protect the children from the Sun, Wind and Flying Insects.